Friday, July 3, 2015

What’s in my Weekend Bag?

     It’s the weekend! During the week I carry a pretty big bag to work but on the weekend it’s all about minimizing. I bought this Fossil purse in January for my birthday and I’ve been carrying it ever since. The best thing about this bag is that there is a divider. It makes it easier for me to grab my wallet or grab my mirror; I’m not hunting for items in my bag. I know where everything is or should be thanks to the dividers.

     On the weekend I like to keep it simple, I don’t need my iPod or book just the basics which include: My Fossil Wallet, Fossil sunglasses, mirror (in case), chap stick (you never know), eye makeup removers (for emergencies), lipstick (one of my favorite Make Up For Ever #9), Kleenex, hand sanitizer, my cell phone, a hair tie and a pen (you always need to carry a pen).

     It maybe pretty boring but it’s really all I need. I like to keep it simple and lightweight.


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