Monday, August 3, 2015

L'Oreal La Palette Nude 2

     I really didn’t need another palette not to mention I wasn’t really interested in what I thought would be a drugstore fail and a complete waste of money. A couple of weeks ago in my Sunday paper I saw a coupon for $3 off the L’Oreal La Palette, a few weeks later Ulta had L’Oreal products 40% off not to mention a 20% coupon from the store… why not. I wouldn’t be wasting too much money for something that retails $19.99 at Ulta. I ate my words.

     It’s rare for me to find a drugstore that live close to high-end status. I find that only one of the shadows is a bit chalky (the lightest color). The rest of the shadows have really good pigment considering it’s a drugstore. If Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2 had a baby this would be it. I love Urban Decay’s original Naked palette but the second didn’t work for me so I ended up giving it away. I decided to give this a try because 1) it was cheap, and 2) because I liked the purple shadows the palette contains. I love a good matte shadow but for whatever reason I’ve been wearing the shimmery colors in L’Oreal’s palette they're just so pretty on the lid.

     I admit it’s a good everyday palette. Would this replace all other palettes? No, but it works well with others. There are two colors in this palette that seem alike and those are the two shimmery colors. Some of the colors take a bit more work to blend but the staying power with a good primer is well worth it. I didn’t find the shadows to crease (with primer). Personally, there are maybe two colors I would never use like the gray but despite that I think there is a good selection. I do find it a bit expensive as a drugstore product. Would I return this product? No, it’s a really good palette with a good selection that wears well. I’m actually thinking of buying this particular one as a Christmas gift. It's a pretty good palette. 


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