Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Reds I Love

     My very first lipstick was a red, think Gwen Stefani and in junior high. I remember saving money because I wanted it so badly; I sincerely doubt my mother would have bought me the lipstick if I asked. I didn’t wear anything but a foundation that was too light (Cover Girl) and a red lipstick. Live and learn.

    As the years went on I put away the red and wore colors that were more suitable for office life and didn’t draw any attention to me. Only now I’ve resorted back to red but finding the right red can be hard. I’ve read blogs and heard people say ‘any red can match anyone’, I don’t find that to be true. Some reds I find are too orange, some don’t seem to be a true red and others are just a flat out no! My favorite is Almay’s Red for medium skin because you can keep it light or darken it up. NARS Cruella and Bite’s Pomegrante is one that you can get away with just use a light hand with them.

    I always gravitated towards neutral colors again boring office life but I do love a good red. One of my favorite reds is Essie’s Head Mistress, which is a true red. Butter London’s Saucy Jack is a deep burgundy that is suitable for the winter and also very pretty.

What’s you favorite red?

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