Tuesday, April 5, 2016

25 Things About Me You Didn’t Know

     This post is long overdue. You know how I feel about certain products and how I pack on a vacation but there is more to me than just this blog. So I thought I’d share with you 25 things about me that some of my friends my not know… but now you do.

My favorite shows are Once Upon a Time, the Big Bang Theory and the Walking Dead

When people ask me about high school, I say I was home schooled

Eventually I tell people what high school I went to…sometimes

I don’t have a favorite movie because there’s too many

I love movies that involve weather related disasters like the Day After Tomorrow

I love going to musicals

When I was little I wanted to be a doctor

When I was little I took ballet… I still remember a few steps

I’m the first to go to college in my family and the last to finish

My dog is named Buttons, it comes from a cartoon from the 90’s called Animaniacs

One of my store is a bookstore

I keep a list of all the places I want to visit and I'm determined to cross them off

My dream vacation is Rome, Tokyo and Australia

I’ve been to all four corners of the US. (Depending how you see it Maine, Florida, Washington, Alaska, California and Hawaii).

My least favorite season is summer

My favorite season is winter

I own over 200 movies (DVD's & Blue-Ray)

I started to blog because I feel I had something to say

Through elementary into high school I never had a best friend that stayed

I didn’t have a true best friend till after high school

I give advice only when asked…but warning I will tell you truth even when it’s not in your favor

I don’t have a favorite band/group/singer… there’s too many!

I love to organize

I’ve spent way too much money on concerts when I was a teenager, once I had three concerts in one week

I’m not afraid to admit my age. I earned my stripes… 35!


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