Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Buttons Torres

    This is the hardest thing to write but I owe it to my best friend. This pass weekend we had to put down my best friend, my baby, my baby B, my love, my buba, my buddy… my puppy. He wasn’t a puppy though; he was 10 ½, blue healer/Austrian Shepherd.  Losing someone you love can be hard and I’ve heard sometimes it’s harder to lose your pet. I believe it. I realize to some he was ‘just a dog’ but he wasn’t just a dog… he was family.

    My sister wanted a dog when she was in college. My parent’s told her she couldn’t until she came back from college (she went to school in another city). That November Buttons was born and he was her Christmas gift from her best friend. Everyone loved him and he was such a ‘badass’. He tore the speaker off the stereo and would bite the wall (it’s still not fixed). He was so hyper and loved to play, he was lovable.  My mom even threatened us that if he didn’t change we’d have to get rid of him. He was stolen once and I made reward posters. It was a miracle we got him back!  The lady said he was messing up her plants. Yeah, that was him as a pup. That’s when he became an inside dog. He knew the same commands in English and Spanish, thanks to my dad. Although ‘roll over’ for him was jump. He’d come and get me if he needed to go out, he would get me if he wanted a treat! He was so smart.

     As my dad got sicker (diabetes), he quit work and stayed home. It was Buttons and my dad for years until my mom finally retired. Wherever my dad went, there was Buttons. They were truly best friends. When my dad broke his leg, he got severely depressed because the doctors wanted to amputate it. In and out of rehabilitation clinics, I could tell my dad getting deeper in depression. Once we found out we could bring Buttons to these places (as long as he had his shots) we did. When we brought Buttons it was like life was brought back into my dad and Buttons! Buttons wasn’t the same without his ‘daddy’.

    I can go on and on about how this puppy changed our lives and changed mine. He was spoiled rotten. He had a toy every Christmas, birthday and major holiday. I made sure of it. Every time I’d buy his dog food, I’d try to find something for him. I’d buy the Wilson tennis balls for him because they lasted longer and the bounced better. I’d come home from a stressful day and he was there, wanting me to pet him. He would sit in front of me and lean on me for a hug and a pet. He’d wake me up whenever he felt like it to be petted even if it was 2 am. I could feel him stare at me when I was sleeping I know he needed something. He didn’t act like a dog. I know I did all I could for him. My sister and I were there from the beginning to his very last breath and even a bit after. I wouldn’t change the last 10-½ years for anything in this world. Although I’ve been crying for days and even as I write this post, I know he’s in a better place, which gives me some comfort.

Till we meet again Buddy. I love you Buttons.

In his chair

A few weeks ago.

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