Sunday, July 24, 2016

Goals vs. Deadlines

     When I think of deadlines I think of rushing, impatience and challenges. While it’s good to have deadlines sometimes, it can also be draining mentally to try to complete them before a certain time. After talking to my best friend about her relationship, she told me she mentally gave her boyfriend a deadline of when she needs to be engaged. Knowing she has a deadline made me think; do I need deadlines? Should I even consider a deadline? Do I need a deadline in my relationship? All these came to one answer: no.

In the past I’ve given myself a deadline such as graduating college by 35 and that hasn’t happened so I decided to stop giving myself deadlines. Instead I decided to have goals, something to reach and strive for. A couple of goals I have are to get my degree in English Literature, to one day write a book, and to just be happy. Life is difficult enough without all the pressure of a ‘deadline’. I see the pros and cons of having a deadline as well as goals but it’s better than having nothing at all.

Deciding what’s right for you is your decision and no one else’s. It’s a decision I don’t take lightly. Sometimes you can’t rush what you want… it comes when it comes. You can’t force something either…it will happen if it’s meant to be. Regardless if you decide that you rather have a deadline or a goal it’s something to strive for. One of my other goals was to start a blog and what do you know.