Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Few Perfumes Story… My Collection

Personally, I think I’ve purchased every perfume I need. I think I have one for every need: one for dates, an evening with the girls or that everyday fragrance. I’ve had most of them for quite a long time and they have yet to smell bad. ** Does the happy dance** I’m drawn to the lighter fragrances the one’s with the soft notes. I have a few powerful ones but I don’t tend to wear them as much. I have the classics like Chanel to one I can’t seem to find anywhere Paul Smith Women.

Most of these if not all of them I purchased myself. I remember when I was younger (teenager) wanting Ralph Lauren … I saved my money just so I could purchase it. Ralph Lauren Romance, I’m on my second bottle. It makes me feel a bit classy when I wear it. Jo Malone, I had heard about it and when I went to London. I walked into a store and I knew I had to have a bottle. While kicking myself that I didn’t purchase one while on vacation Nordstrom started to sell them here (Houston). I purchased Red Rose, although my sister tells me I smell like a little old lady when I wear it.

Perry Ellis, is one of those fragrances I can easily notice when somewhere is wearing it. I remember my aunt wearing PE when I was younger. I remember having a difficult time finding Ralph Lauren Blue when it came out. As soon as I saw it in stock in the store (Macy’s) I bought it! I remember when Kat Von D had perfume out; she released a set and it was a better deal than just buying the one I wanted. I am not a fan of Justin Bieber but his perfume is another story (still something I can’t understand about myself).

The point of this post is not to ‘see what I have’ but to share a few memories. Maybe your like me and each scent or perfume is like a memory of something or somewhere. Sometimes maybe even wanting to go back to that time and place even if it’s just for a moment.


Thursday, October 22, 2015

October Sephora Play

      This month Sephora is taking about skin in fact the ‘Secrets to Dewy Skin’. I’ve always wanted to try Boscia’s Konjac Cleansing Sponge with Bamboo Charcoal. I have sensitive skin and the thought of wasting money (purchasing it) only to find out I can’t use it bothers me. This is perfect! Also included was Boscia’s Detoxifying Black Cleanser. I have a sample size of this but I’ve never tried it. Now is a good time as any to try it, right?

From the Sephora Collection the Pearl Mask designed to help perfect and brighten the skin. On a side note, this alone retails for $6 at Sephora, considering the box cost a little under $10. I’ve heard of Dr. Jart+ but I’ve never tried anything from the brand. I am interested in trying the Dr. Jart+ Creamidin Day Tint SPF 15. I love anything with an SPF.

I really like the brand Fresh. I’ve tried their Sugar Lip Treatments and I can’t complain. I’ve never anything else from the brand so this will be interesting to try Fresh’s Black Tea Age-Delay Instant Infusion Treatment Toner. Last but not least a cream. I’ve never heard of Belif much less the Belif’s The True Cream Aqua Bomb. According to the ‘Play Book’ this band hails from Korea.

Also, inside the box was a sample of Atelier Cologne Collection Azur in Mandarine Glaciale. Inside the ‘Play Book’ was also a card to collect 50 points with any purchase at a Sephora store (like last month). Ispy has serious competition if you ask me.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Five Ways to Use Your Ipsy Bags

      If you’re subscribed to Ipsy then you probably have more makeup bags then you know what to do with. I’ve been subscribed for over a year…two…I honestly can’t tell you. What I can tell you is that at one point I started to sell my monthly makeup bags and garage sells or gave them away. What happens when this isn’t an option at the moment or at all (seeing how you’ve given all your friends a bag)? You come up with new ways to use them.

Pen/Pencil Pouch: My best friend actually gave me this idea. Pens, pencils, white out and even stickys are inside my pouch.

Cord Holder: Traveling soon or need somewhere to store your cords?

Medicine Holder: I carry Advil, Tums and allergy meds with me all the time to work. You never know when you or someone else might need some meds.

Pad/Tampon Holder: I don’t think I need to go into detail.

Money Holder: Whether your going out of town or not it’s a good way of keeping your money hidden from public view.

There’s always the idea of continuing to giving them away or selling them at garage sells...just saying.


Monday, October 19, 2015

A Few Sephora Products

      Sephora has really upped they’re came within the last year or so when it comes to makeup. Even their brushes are some of the best out there. Today I wanted to give honorable mentions to two products from their makeup range and of course the brushes.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain, these are by far the best lip stain I have ever tried. I have the color Marvelous Mauve that is mauve. No surprises here. With a primer underneath this will last you pretty much all day even with eating and drinking involved in the mix. If you have chapped lips you will be able to tell, it does set in the creases. My lips are always chapped so I use a lip conditioner like the one from MAC or I place Chap Stick on top. It gives it a glossy look but only for a bit. Far warning, they can he difficult to remove. They retail for $14 for 0.169 oz.

Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer: My under-eyes are naturally dark. It’s not lack of sleep or my diet it’s just hereditary. So hiding the darkness under my eyes is essential if I want to seem somewhat human. This concealer really brightness under my eyes and gives that ‘I’m awake’ look. I own the color 09 Sable. I wouldn’t wear this product anywhere else other than under my eye because again it is a ‘brighten’ type of concealer and the consistency is a bit too thin for any thing else. With setting power on top it can last maybe six to seven hours maybe even more. The best thing about this is that it doesn’t crease in the lines and blends well into the skin. It comes in 20 shades and retails for $14 for 0.14 oz.

Sephora Collection Brushes: If you own a Sephora brush then you already know they are really good quality. Yes, they can be pricey but I always find it as an investment. If treated with care and proper cleaning they can last you years! I should know I have some with the silver handle! I own quite a few brushes from various brands but the Sephora brand is high on the list of favorites. A few of my favorites are the Airbrush Precision Foundation #56 and the shadow #12. It took me a bit to learn how to use the #56 properly but it’s one of the best foundation brushes I own.

Formula X by Sephora: I own a few colors from them and they are amazing. The color section has just about every color you want. Since I have this ‘thing’ about having polish for more than two days (which is a step up), I really can’t say how long the longevity is. The application (brush) is good. The brush let you control the application of paint to the nail. You’d think that the cap would be a bit ‘bulky’ to control but it isn’t. They retail for $10.50 for 0.4oz.

What’s you favorite Sephora product?


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Fall Edit

     When the fall hits its time for the pumpkin lattes, light sweaters not to mention the darker shades of makeup are deemed appropriate. I put away the bright lipstick and bring out Bobbi Brown’s Treatment Lip Shine in Rosy. This is the medium toned berry that you can control to give you that hit of color or that deep berry look.

I’m fairly certain if you wear makeup you heard of Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil’s. Did you know purple brings out the brown in brown eyes? Rockstar is a deep purple that does just that. I use it to give me that smoky eye for an everyday look. I glide on Rockstar over my eye shadow and smoke it out. Sometimes using a dark purple like from the L’Oreal 2 Palette helps to not only keep it in place but also help to intensify the color.

I love the original Lorac Pro Palette. The colors remind me of shades of fall. The lighter shades are more of a highlighting color or a all over color that you use prior to adding a darker shade (for my skin tone anyway). The eye shadows are not only very pigmented but blend easily. I use the color sable all over the lid with cream in the inter corner of the eyes. I use espresso in the outer-v with the Urban Decay’s Rockstar eyeliner. It’s been everyday go-to look.