Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Products I’m Loving at the Moment

            Right now I am suffering with a sinus infection so I am constantly blowing my nose. You can differently see the makeup missing around my nose not to mention the redness. There really isn’t anything I can do from preventing the makeup from disappearing but there are two products I can say have been doing a pretty good job of saving me.

Kristopher Buckle Power Lock Makeup Setting Spray
I received this spray for Christmas. I use this after I finish my makeup. I spray a few times all over my face and let it set. It doesn’t take too long before it dries up. I’ve noticed with this product my makeup last for hours. I’ve used this with two different foundations and end up with the same results. This so much better than Urban Decay.

Make Up For Ever Full Coverage Concealer

If your familiar with the brand then you know this is some serious stuff! Around mid-day I use the smallest dab I can to cover the redness around my nose. A extremely small amount goes a long way and last the rest of the day…if I’m not constantly blowing my nose.

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