Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Reflections of 2014- Thank You God

From left to right; my dog Buttons, London, IMATS LA and me.

   Tonight at midnight all of us (think that’s safe to say) will be looking forward to a bright new year. Perhaps a year where you decide this year you’re finally going to lose those 10 pounds (for me 20), vow to be a better person or cross something off your bucket list. For me reflecting is also just as important, it’s about being thankful for the things we’ve (I’ve) done. Those memories within the year that we wouldn’t trade for the world, being thankful to God you were able to experience such good memories.

    I admit there are days were I wake up, go to work and think nothing of it. The truth is every day is a gift. We’re here for only a short period of time and we should enjoy life as much as possible. Every year my grandma tell us this might be her last year (she’ll be 90 this coming February). I know one day that will be true, though it’s hard to even think that. If someone asked me to list the things I was thankful for, I could come up with a few memories but I know I’d miss some too. If someone asked me to list all the bad times within the year, I think I could make that list faster. However, that’s not what I want to focus on. I don’t want to think of all the negativity within the year. Yes, we’ve experienced lost and they will never be forgotten but that’s where you remember the good times you’ve had with them.

     I am thankful that my niece was born. She always brightens my day. She’s only 11 months but she brought us so much light to our family, especially to my sister and brother-in-law. I’m thankful for spending another year with my dad, who has diabetes. He’s spent Christmas’s in the past in the hospital. He’s blind, in a wheelchair and has health issues but he ‘keeps trucking’. He doesn’t give up; he’s my inspiration. I’m grateful to still have both my parents (who’ve been married 30 something plus years). In junior high there was a group of us and though the years we’ve lost contact but through Facebook were able to reconnect. We may not talk to each other all the time but we’re able to see the sad, happy and important things within each other’s life. Sadly, I am the only one with both parents and… we’re all the same age.

    This year I was able to travel to Los Angles for my birthday and in the summer I was able to travel to London and Paris. I’m not trying to brag at all.  My point is to point out there are times in our (my) life where you have to look at what you’ve been given and thank God for it. He can easily take it all away from me, and next year and I could be writing a whole different kind of post. But this year I was blessed and I couldn’t be more grateful and thankful.

What are you thankful for this past year?


Monday, December 29, 2014

Products That Changed My Year/2014 Favorites

     This was a hard post to write. I had to really think about what products I tried for the first time this year, more so the products that I can’t live without or that are part of my routine now. Finding products that changed my year was pretty difficult. Saying a product ‘changed my year’ is a bold statement. I’ve tried different foundations, eyeliners, mascaras and other products because of either hype, I wanted to find an alternative to something or it was recommended. After thinking long and hard (for many days), I think I’ve gotten them all. Some I’ve mentioned, some you’re reading about the first time. Each one of these products have helped me in different ways, some have made things better.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, one of the best primers I have ever tried. It lives up to its hype and I’m not one to fall into hypes. This doesn’t make my face oiler than it already is and helps my foundations stay on longer. I’ve tried this with different foundations though the year and it hasn’t failed any.

Cetaphil Face Wash is my go-to facial wash. My dermatologist recommended this when I first learned I had Rosacea. It’s very gentle to the skin and doesn’t have a smell. I recommend this for everyone, especially anyone who has sensitive skin.

Botanic Eye Makeup Removal is one of the best eye makeup removers I have tried. It wipes away waterproof mascara like nothing. I use to swear by my Maybelline Waterproof Eye Makeup but after trying this, I will not be going back. I put a small amount on a cotton ball and leave it one the eyelid for 30 seconds. It is an oil based remover so you will have to shake it before you use it.

NARS Eye Primer, I had to learn why this was amazing.  What I mean is, despite me hearing rave reviews on YouTube I was still spectacle. When someone tells me they have oily lids I tend to roll my eyes. I have an oil slick on my lids. I have to put quite a bit for it to work but my eye shadow never creases with this one. It keeps the shadow there all day. 

Origins Eye Doctor, this has helped regain the moisturizer back under my eyes. I love it! Within a couple of weeks I noticed a difference, the makeup (tinted eye corrector) I place under my eyes no longer looked like the lines sucked it in.

Lorac palette, lately this has been my go to palette. I just love the color pewter. It’s a great all over the lid color with espresso in the cress. You could do so much with this palette. I love it and this is coming from someone who isn’t a fan of Lorac. I’ve eaten my words on this one. Lets not talk about that though.

Tree Hut Sea Sugar Scrubs, I mentioned before changed my life! I have to use this everyday (thought sometimes I skip a day); I just love it that much. I take fair amount and rub this under my arms after I’m done with soap. This keeps my deodorant lasting all day.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, this is a sensitive skin girls dream. One, it works. Two, it doesn’t cause me to itch, turn red or have any sort of allergic relation. It’s gentle and doesn’t have a strong scent.

Julep Instant Warming Foot Scrub, I’ve never mentioned this but this is my go-to foot scrub. It’s grainy and there is a bit of a hot sensation when you place it on your feet but it feels so good. My friend is a Maven so I get her to purchase this over and over again for me. My feet never felt so much better.

Real Techniques Setting Brush, another product that lives up to its hype. I don’t use it to set powder, I use this to blur out eye tint I use under my eyes. I got the idea from Lilly Pebbles (YouTuber/Blogger).

Real Techniques Shading Brush, is a great brush for the inner corners of the eye. Its bristles and the way it’s structured make it so easy to apply eye shadow in the corners.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle (eau de Parfum), smells like what a lady should be. It’s a very unique smell, think Chanel No.5 but lighter. It’s said to be a fresh oriental fragrance. It’s a bit pricey but it’s Chanel... and it smell so good. 

What is your favorite product of 2014?


Sunday, December 28, 2014

What I Got for Christmas

      I’m not going to lie, at first I was hesitant to write this post because it might seem like bragging but I assure you I’m not. I found myself reading other post and watching videos on YouTube watching/reading what everyone received. I had fun watching those videos and reading the posts, I thought it would be neat to do the same. If I liked it, I’m sure there is someone out there like me; after all there are videos and post out there to support that theory.

After watching a YouTube video from Ingrid Nilsen mentioning this book, I went to Barnes and Noble to check it out. Love it! 642 Things To Write About By San Francisco Writer's Grotto is such a fun book. I use to own Chicken Soup for the Teenager Soul Journal, when I was of course a teenager and I love it. There are little similarities to where you’re writing in the book and it makes you think what you want to write/say. This gives you freedom to really play and think like ‘write a Facebook post in 2016’. I’m a planner but not that far in advanced.

My sister gave me a passport holder and a charm from James Avery that says ‘Precious Aunt’; it’s currently at James Avery getting soldered on. My aunt gave me some Vaseline lips therapy, which is funny because I gave her some Burt Bees. I actually wanted to try Vaseline on the lips; I heard it’s good with chapped lips. She also gave me a coin purse, which isn’t my style, but I needed a coin purse. My brother gave me a gift card to Sephora and a hair dryer. I plugged my hair dryer in a few days ago and I saw sparks. My friend gave me the necklace, which I love. This isn’t everything but what I wanted to share.

What did you get?


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Winter Skin Help

     I love winter, except our area really doesn’t get too cold. Our idea of cold is 30 degrees, and everyone I know usually freaks out, except a few such as myself. With colder temperature my skin (like everyone else’s) always needs a little help. My skin only gets dry in the winter. I am not a huge fan of anything that has a scent. I’m not sensitive to scents, I wear perfume and I want that to be what I smell not a lotion. I find it quite hard to find a lotion that doesn’t have an overwhelming scent but also a lotion that won’t feel oily or make it oilier than it already is, rather oilier than it need to be. These are a few of my favorite lotions that have helped my skin.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Lotion: This is lotion goes on light. There is hardly a smell to this lotion.  It is quite pricey compared to other lotions I’ve seen but if you feel like splurging this would be a good treat.

Bliss Lemon+Sage Body Butter Maximum Moisture Cream: It smells like a spa. Need I say more? It’s one of the few lotions that I can wear alone.

First Aid Beauty, Ultra Repair Cream: I’ve talked about this product quite often, but since this is a post about moisture I’ll rave about it again. First Aid Beauty is known for their products being suitable for sensitive skin and I find that to be true. I have used this product just about every day. It has a very faint smell; I can nearly say it has no smell at all.

The Body Shop, Shea Body Butter: I’ve heard people rave about Body Shop products but I can’t get pass the smell of most of them. They stink! They have a horrible smell to them. Am I the only one who thinks this? Out of all of them this one smelled somewhat better. Despite the smell it works really well. **cringe** I have to admit, I thought this would go on very heavy but it really doesn’t. It does its job and the smell doesn’t linger too long. I use this a night on my legs because they were looking pretty bad and after a couple of uses, they looked like legs again. I don’t care for the packaging because the lotion can get in my nails but I am willing to over look that.

Bath & Body Works, Merry Marshmallow: I’m not sure if this is still in stock or if it even came out this year (since I am unfamiliar with Bath and Body in general); but this smells…. yummy.

Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Body Lotion: Yes, this is a pricey lotion but it works like magic. If I could afford to use this all the time I would. Out of all the lotions this is my favorite. It works really quickly to combat the dryness.

L'Occitane Hand Cream, Shea Butter + Pivoine Flora: The Shea Butter hand cream is always in my purse. It’s a thick hand cream, so a little goes a long way. The Pivoine Flora smells like roses. If you like roses this hand cream is for you.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream: Let’s not forget the feet. This is just like the hand cream in every way except for feet. It has the same consistency and smell of the hand lotion.

What’s your favorite?