Tuesday, September 6, 2016

An Over Due Return

      It’s been months since I’ve written or thought about a blog post. I basically left the computer world from YouTube to Facebook; I needed a huge break. In that break I’ve traveled to Dublin and London, spent time with family and meet someone special. It’s been one interesting summer to say the least and now that fall has arrived (one of my favorite times of year), I’m ready to come back to blogging. I have so many topics to talk about! I haven’t yet decided how to schedule my post being that I started back in school, but they will be coming! I’m excited not only to come back from my break but also to see how the rest of the year will end. It can only get better!


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Goals vs. Deadlines

     When I think of deadlines I think of rushing, impatience and challenges. While it’s good to have deadlines sometimes, it can also be draining mentally to try to complete them before a certain time. After talking to my best friend about her relationship, she told me she mentally gave her boyfriend a deadline of when she needs to be engaged. Knowing she has a deadline made me think; do I need deadlines? Should I even consider a deadline? Do I need a deadline in my relationship? All these came to one answer: no.

In the past I’ve given myself a deadline such as graduating college by 35 and that hasn’t happened so I decided to stop giving myself deadlines. Instead I decided to have goals, something to reach and strive for. A couple of goals I have are to get my degree in English Literature, to one day write a book, and to just be happy. Life is difficult enough without all the pressure of a ‘deadline’. I see the pros and cons of having a deadline as well as goals but it’s better than having nothing at all.

Deciding what’s right for you is your decision and no one else’s. It’s a decision I don’t take lightly. Sometimes you can’t rush what you want… it comes when it comes. You can’t force something either…it will happen if it’s meant to be. Regardless if you decide that you rather have a deadline or a goal it’s something to strive for. One of my other goals was to start a blog and what do you know.


Sunday, June 19, 2016

How To Book The Right Hotel

    If you’re not use to traveling finding the right hotel can be daunting. Sure you’re technically just ‘sleeping there’ but is it close to where you’re going? How much is it? Despite the idea of ‘just sleeping there’ reviews can make a difference. You’re not only sleeping there but I’m sure you also want to shower there too?

Ask Around/Get An Idea Of Where You Want to Stay
One of the first things I do when I’ve decided my destination is ask around to see if anyone has been to where I’m going. If so I ask for suggestions on neighborhoods they recommend and which they suggest to avoid. Although they might not know all the neighborhoods it gives me a starting point. If no one I know has been to where I’m going then I head to the Internet to read blogs.

Google Maps
I always visit Google Maps to search hotels. I look for hotels closer to the area I will mostly visit and one that has a subway close by (if that’s there main form of transportation). If I’m looking for a hotel out of the country and I want to take a shuttle I make sure the shuttle (via their website, like Super Shuttle) can go to that zip code. Yes, I’ve picked a hotel they weren’t able to go to.

Check the hotel! Read the reviews, check what amenities the hotel(s) carry and the distance to main attractions. Look for shuttles, free parking and air conditioning. Some international hotels don’t have A/C so make sure to check.

Lastly, make sure your not going over your price range. In other words you don’t have to break the bank to find a decent hotel. Look for discount codes and use Ebates when booking hotels. Ebates offers cash back on hotels the amount varies though so check the site for details. Also, check the actual hotel site. Sometimes the hotel site is cheaper than booking say through Orbitz with a discount code. Remember when you stay also affects the price. Summer is usually higher but so can winter depending on the city.

Happy booking!


Sunday, June 12, 2016

The First Thing I Learned Before Wearing Makeup

     I remember when I was young I was excited and interested in wearing make-up. I remember my aunt’s exact words ‘if you’re going to wear make-up, you’re going to have to learn how to take care of your skin’. She was right.  When I first started taking care of my skin I started out using Neutrogena. I learned the do and don’ts of taking care of my skin; a lot of it was trial and error like learning I was allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide. As I’ve gotten older I follow the same rules: making sure my skin keeps clear (as much as possible) because I wear makeup. Now if you look in my bathroom cabinet there is various brands and not one is Neutrogena. As an adult I learned Neutrogena isn’t right for me again a lot of trial and error.


Sunday, June 5, 2016

Origins Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser

      On a whelm I decided to purchase this and truth be told I didn’t think this product would work as well as it did. I had my reservations regarding this product namely the price. However, I find that I get along with most Origins products which compelled me enough to buy and try it. Let me break this down, I am addicted to skin care so when I see a product that might help my skin keep it the way it is or with the occasionally break out consider it bought.

With this you need smaller than a pea size amount for your entire face. I only use this around my cheek and chin area. I use the smallest amount possible, rub it between my hands and for maybe 30 seconds rub this in circular motions on my face. It does contain a scent. Ever smelled Paul Mitchells Green Tea Shampoo? It smells just like that…minty. To be quite honest it feels like a mini spa except this contains syslic aid which helps with acne. I’ve been using this every morning after I use my daily facial wash (Cetaphil Facial Wash) and I have found results. My skin is clearing up and quite faster than me normally placing acne medicine on a break-out.

Yes, this product can be considered expensive at $22 fro 5 oz but you don’t need very much to begin with. This product can easily last you over a month, if you use it like I do. I can easily tell you that this will be a repurchase.


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Getting Summer Ready

     Every year as the temperature starts to rise in Texas, I dread it. Being near the coast (Houston) we don’t just experience heat but humidity, which can feel downright sticky. This is when I grab my four essential items that get me through summer. 

When the heat starts to hit and you start to sweat, your makeup goes. There’s no way of saving your makeup unless you go indoors (AC). Urban Decay’s De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray can’t possibility save your makeup in 90-decree heat but it helps more than most. Designed to control oil, I wear it coming from the heat and its help my foundation stay on a little longer.

I have Rosacea and the most important skin item for me is sunscreen. Because I have Rosacea I always have sunscreen on or something with an SPF. If I don't, I run the risk of some serious skin problems.  I’ve been using Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50, and the best thing about it is it doesn’t break me out and it’s oil-free! The only bad thing about it is there is a scent to it but it doesn’t last too long.

Whether I’m driving, walking or in the sun for a few minutes, I have my sunglasses with me at all times. I have to be honest I wasn’t into the whole large lenses but they do protect my eyes from the sun.


There is nothing like a good pair of shorts with some tennis shoes or Sperry’s. My favorite shorts are from J Crew the 4 inch. They’re not too short and not too long, their just right.