Friday, September 11, 2015

My Favorite Face Brush’s/Sponge

     When it comes to foundation the brush I use is just as important as the foundation. I have quite a few face brushes but there are three that I keep going back to and of course a sponge (that everyone and their mama knows about).

    I absolutely love RealTechnique's Expert Face Brush not only because it’s cheaper than most face brushes but also because it’s actually good. I stipple the foundation all over my face and blend. I use this with light coverage foundations because I find it doesn’t work well with thicker foundations (full coverage).

    Sephora makes some of the best brushes. I have quite of few of their brushes and yes they can be expensive but I think of it as investing. Their Airbrush Precision Foundation Brush#56 is so good. I stipple light to medium coverage foundations all over my face and use swipe motions; I find I get good coverage using this method. I brought this one long ago when they still had silver handles on the brushes and it’s still in top shape condition.

     I first heard about this brush from YouTuber (blogger & vlogger) Lily Pebbles and I love it (not to mention her)!  I’m talking about Bobbi Brown’s Full Coverage Face Brush. This is a very pricey brush but a great investment. I use this with all my foundations from thin to thick. At first I couldn’t get how to use it but now I know, I again stipple the foundation all over and buff. This gives such a flawless look. Although I will warn you I don’t like to use it too much with lighter weigh foundations because it seems to soak the product up but I love this brush nevertheless.

     I think we all know about the Beauty Blender and what kind of finish it gives the face. I love using it just not with foundation but it works well with concealer. It can be a pricey given you need to replace it every three month or so but finish you get can’t compare. I’ve tried dupes but something about the original just makes me comes back… oh yeah the finish.

What’s your favorite brush?


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