Sunday, June 5, 2016

Origins Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser

      On a whelm I decided to purchase this and truth be told I didn’t think this product would work as well as it did. I had my reservations regarding this product namely the price. However, I find that I get along with most Origins products which compelled me enough to buy and try it. Let me break this down, I am addicted to skin care so when I see a product that might help my skin keep it the way it is or with the occasionally break out consider it bought.

With this you need smaller than a pea size amount for your entire face. I only use this around my cheek and chin area. I use the smallest amount possible, rub it between my hands and for maybe 30 seconds rub this in circular motions on my face. It does contain a scent. Ever smelled Paul Mitchells Green Tea Shampoo? It smells just like that…minty. To be quite honest it feels like a mini spa except this contains syslic aid which helps with acne. I’ve been using this every morning after I use my daily facial wash (Cetaphil Facial Wash) and I have found results. My skin is clearing up and quite faster than me normally placing acne medicine on a break-out.

Yes, this product can be considered expensive at $22 fro 5 oz but you don’t need very much to begin with. This product can easily last you over a month, if you use it like I do. I can easily tell you that this will be a repurchase.


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