Sunday, June 22, 2014

First Aid Beauty – Fab Faves To Go Kit


     I bought this travel size trio a couple of months ago as a good way to try First Aid Beauty. Not only was it a good way to try out FAB (First Aid Beauty) but a good way to try each product without having to commit to the larger size (and it helped my wallet).  My skin is very oily, not to mention sensitive and I have Rosacea (ugh), so I have to be very cautions on what I put on my skin. I heard rave reviews on YouTube on the facial cleaner as well the Ultra Repair Cream. I read on that people who suffered from Rosacea recommend it, even more of a reason to try it. I’m glad I did.

Facial Cleanser (2oz) // This distributes as a cream. If you’ve ever tried Burt Bees Sensitive Facial Wash, it’s like that but a bit thicker. There isn’t a harsh smell to it but it does kind of smell like sunscreen. You just need a small amount for your face. It works great but can dry out your face sometimes (well it did for me). I used this after my facial wipes just to take off any makeup still lingering and the best thing of all… its fragrance free.

Ultra Repair Cream (2 oz) // I applied this product on my face after the cleanser. I didn’t use it everyday but on days my face was dry. I admit though, sometimes the product made me itch but nothing intense. I'd probably still use it but not everyday. The product states you can use it ‘elsewhere’ so I tried it out on my elbows and it worked pretty well. For whatever reason one of my elbows is drier than the other (and that part of the skin did not need scratching). The cream also doesn’t contain any paragons.

Facial Radiance Pads (28 pads) // They are alcohol free pads that are intended to help clarify your skin, help with fine lines and reduce pores. I didn’t use this product everyday and I still don’t. I used this maybe twice a week only because I’m a bit paranoid. What I can say is that it does have a tingle when you wipe your face, not a unbearable feeling but a claiming one. 

The larger size is 5 oz. for the Facial Cleaner and can be pretty expensive ($20), if you use it everyday. A 6 oz. container of the Ultra Repair Cream (the larger size is in a container) cost $28. The Facial Radiance Pads come with 60 pads for $30. The trio of all three cost $28 and I purchased mine at Sephora. If I had to pick one, I would diffidently pick the cleaner. I know it's a bit much but it works well with my crazy skin. If you can't commit to the price, I suggest wait for the Sophia VIB Sale. However, if you can't wait till then the trio would be a great idea to try everything out and did I mention it’s great for travel.


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