Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tips on Packing for a Long Vacation

      I’m not bragging in anyway but I think I’ve become a pro at packing. I’ve been that person that at check-in my suitcase is over 50 pounds. There I am taking things out and sticking it in someone else’s suitcase. How annoying. I really don’t like being ‘that guy’ holding up the line. Here are a few tips.


Compression Bags
These eliminate any access air between your clothing. Simply places your clothing in the bag that fits your clothing size: zip and squeeze.

Packaging Organizers
These not only help you organize your clothing but I find it helpful for carrying my electronics like my cords. I use Eagle Creek packing organizers. Since the are mesh they can bend which makes them very easy to use.

How to Pack:

Where are you going on vacation? Is it cold? Hot? Humid? Make sure you look at the weather even the day before to verify you’ve covered yourself. Nothing is worse than going on vacation expecting heat and then it jumps to the 30’s the next day. That’s Houston in the winter if you’ve ever been here.

In the event, always bring a light jacket and an umbrella if you know your definitely not going to a place that snows. A light jacket is always nice especially on the plane ride.

Write It Down
It helps by writing down how many days you’ll be away and planning your wardrobe. Example: You’ll be gone eight days, bring nine days worth of shirts. You never know what could happen: spills, stains, etc..

Mix and Match
It helps to bring clothing that you can mix and match. In other words, you bring two shirts that can match with one pair of jeans or pants. As the saying goes: less is more.

Hopefully this helped a little.

Ps. Not bad for eight bulky sweater, two pairs of jeans, four tanks (for under my sweaters), etc.…


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