Thursday, March 31, 2016

My Time in Budapest (Part 2 of 2)

      I never thought I’d enjoy Budapest as much as I thought as I would. On Monday we took a train from Prague to Budapest (some six plus hours).  When we arrived we just walked straight to a cab. (FYI: the train goes though Slovakia). On our first day we walked around the area around the hotel to find something to eat. The next day was rainy and also a holiday so all the museums were free (if they were open).

      After a few museums we were able to see everything we came to see. From the Church Cave to Freedoms Square to the National Museum, we walked everywhere. We at the local food and walked some more. One of the saddest things we saw was the Shoes of the Dunube Promenade that honors the Jews that were killed during WW2. We took it all in. The best part of the trip was I was able to spend one on one time with my brother. Life get’s busy with various things but no one will be able to take those memories away from us.

Central Market

St. Stephen's Basilica 

Inside the St. Stephen's Basilica 

Freedom's Square 

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