Monday, March 7, 2016

My Must Haves for Traveling International

     In less than a week I will be heading to Europe. This will be my second time in Europe and what I’ve learned is traveling is a bit different from traveling within the US. There are items I would pack in my carry-on instead of my luggage. For me there are 10 items I need especially on a 12-hour flight.

Good Facial wash that can be used for night and day. (This one I stick in my luggage). Some of us have that night cleaner and a separate day one we use. But having one that you can use for both saves space. The less you carry the better you are.

Acne Medicine
I learned the hard way how to take care of my face. The next day from getting off a plane I’d brake out. I always reach for medicine.

Facial Wipes
I learned the importance of having facial wipes.  Right before I land on any flight I clean my face to freshen up and have it clean for the next step.

Argon Oil
Here’s the next step. I use aragon oil on my face after cleaning it with a facial wipe. It helps moisturize my skin from all the cabin pressure. It also helps my skin from brake-outs.

Hand Sanitizer
With all the germs that lurk from the armrest, folding table and anything else that’s on the plane or around you. You need all the help you can get.

A Watch
To avoid any unwanted charges on my phone, I always carry a watch. I learned the hard way (while on a cruise in Alaska) that you need to call your provider but also a watch doesn’t hurt.

When I was in England and Paris I didn’t always have Internet. It was too expensive to have the Internet on my phone. I had to go back old school. I went everywhere with a map. It helps I can read one too.

Universal Charger
This isn’t something everyone things about. There are different outlets for different regions. Its important you look it up before you go.

Emergency Contacts
In case of emergencies make sure you have the name of your hotel and anywhere else your going with someone at home. Don’t forget to register with the US Travel.


While my brother was in Singapore he took a weekend trip to Hong Kong. The give him a little orange piece of paper, not knowing what to do with it he taped it to his passport. Upon returning they asked about the little paper they had given him. Had he not had it that who knows what could have happened. Always inquire to see what previsions the country you are visiting needs.


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