Friday, April 15, 2016

Moving On From a Heartache

     If your one of the lucky ones in life then you never had to experience heartache, I’m the lucky one who has/had. It can be difficult to move on when you give so much of yourself to/for this person. Though we hear ‘time heals all wounds’, it can be difficult for us to believe that even though it is true.

Create a super playlist
Go to iTunes and create a playlist of songs that will surely get you out your funk. Let me suggest: Katy Perry, Part of Me; The Band Perry, Done; Lily Allen, F**k You; and Kelly Clarkson, Stronger. Get my drift?

Surround your self with friends
Whether you tell your friends or not is one thing, but having someone to help you laugh/smile makes a difference. Talking to someone you trust may help you take things off your mind. I’m very bad at this I admit. I may not talk about my love life with my friends but I have a good group of friends that make me laugh everyday…they are the best!

Take a walk
Go outside! Get up early, grab the iPod/Phone and hit a trail. Get some fresh air and seize the day. Know that no matter what happens the sun will always come out. You may not want to leave the house but trust me; it’s good for you.

Know you’re awesome
One of the hardest things is to feel special again when someone brakes up with you. Know that you are special and will get through this. Keep reminding yourself ‘your beautiful’, ‘your amazing’, and you’ll be all right.

Take It As A Lesson
As one of my friends told me ‘consider it a lesson learned’. Although it may not feel like a lesson right now, it really is. Try not to take it personal, sometimes its not even you…it’s them. You never know what they are feeling or going through. Sure, you feel like you could have helped but everyone deals with things differently.

You’re Not Alone
Trust me you are not alone. There have been plenty of people before and after you who have experienced heartache. The thing is to keep moving, even if it hurts.

I am not saying any of this is easy to do but when you keep telling yourself you’ll ‘get through this’ you will. The more you tell yourself ‘you’ll be okay’, the more you’ll believe and feel it. Hang in there. I know I’ll be all right and so will you.


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