Sunday, September 7, 2014

What To Do With So Many Samples.

            I don’t know how it happened. One minute I had just a few samples here and there, then… they we’re more than I needed to have. Ordering from Sephora I always have to get those three free samples. Then they have those darn offers giving away more samples well… Then there’s other websites like Ulta they offer samples too. Let’s not even forget walking inside both those stores as well as others. **Lowers head** With all these samples, you know you don’t want to throw them away but what do you do? Well here are six ideas you can do to get rid or lower your stash. Don’t worry you’ll be okay.

1.     Give them to a friend.
      I kid you not. I had way too many types of mascara for me to try. I knew my friend was looking for super black mascara, so I gave her my deluxe sample of Urban Decays Perversion Mascara. She ended up buying one. I have also given my mom and sister tons of samples.

2.      Have a Spa Night.
         Yes Spa night. You have tons of face and body products to try? Take some time out for yourself, after you deserve it! After putting up with those insane co-workers of yours, why not!

3.      Sell then on Ebay.
I have actually seen people sell samples; I can’t say that this will actually work but I can see how it might. Places such as the UK don’t sell everything beauty product the US does and vise-versa, so this could possibly work if they want to sample varies things. Also, there are people who collect samples and love them. I personally have never done it but why not. Do your reach first before doing this regarding shipping and cost.

4.      Try them!
        Yes, once you try them they will be gone but that’s what they’re for. Looking for a new primer and you have five different samples of different brands, try them. After all, you’re looking for that new it product. 

5.  Play with your Makeup.
Have some time? Try some new looks. Master that smoky eye with a nude lip. You’ve always wanted to try those ten small bottles of perfume, go for it! You’re not going anywhere, well I hope not. Pew.

6.      Save them for a vacation.
Sometimes when I order online I find there is nothing I want to try so I end up getting samples of things I love. I save those samples and take them on vacation. Not only do I save room in my suitcase but it also helps the weight of my suitcase. I notice a difference when I’m on a weekend trip and I’m only taking a duffle bag.

These are only a few ways to help get rid of those samples you’ve been collecting (hording). I can say that, my name is Melissa and I had tons of samples.


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