Sunday, September 28, 2014

Products Back in Rotation

There are those shades of polish, lipstick, blush or some form of makeup that you love to bring out during fall (or certain times of year). For fall it’s no surprise that darker colors are the ‘in’ thing. I (personally) can’t help but be excited to bring back some of the darker colors I use in rotation. There are certain lipsticks and eyeshades that I love to use during the fall and into winter.

Mac’s Down Brown, is my absolute favorite matte color for an everyday eye in fall/winter. I use Mac’s Cork (satin) all over the lid with Down Brown on the outer V. This eye look is a perfect combination for a professional office environment.

Mac's Down Brown

From Urban Decay’s Naked Palette, I am so happy to bring back Darkhorse, Toasted and Hustle. Whether worn alone or with other colors they are gorgeous.

I bought Bobbi Brown’s Treatment Lip Shine SPF 15 in Rosy, years ago. It’s still good. I remember buying it because I wanted a color out of my element. Something that would go good with my skin tone but wouldn’t think of wearing, I’ve been wearing it.

**Takes a deep breath**

Makeup Forever lipsticks are the best. Hands down the best! They are very pigmented and have a very long lasting staying power. These two colors are my absolute favor colors that I continuously repurchase. MUFE’s Rouge Artist Intense #29 lipstick, I set-aside during spring/fall. MUFE’s Rouge Artist Natural in N9 Cooper Pink, I don’t even have words. To tell you the truth I usually wear them year round but this year was different. This year I wore the brights, something out of my element. I was going for out of my element this year.

And the reason why I didn’t take the cap of one (I used a mini I had to demo N9). You can see why. Told you I used them.

Is there anything you’re excited about?


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