Sunday, September 14, 2014

Charlotte Tilbury, Rock ‘N’ Kohl

             The minute I found out Charlotte Tilbury, was going to be sold in the US, I was insistently excited. It sounds ridiculous because I’ve never tried the brand but I have (as most things) heard rave reviews. The following day it was released I went to and placed my order. Nearly 100% of time when I try a new product I try their eyeliners. Let me tell you about this one, you’ve heard me rave about Clinique well…

             I purchased the color Barbarella Brown (nice name right). It’s applies very creamy, think Urban Decay but creamer. Yes! It’s easy to apply and looks very smooth on the eye. The website states it will last 14 hours, which is about a normal day. I think it could last longer, I say this because I have my makeup on for about 12 to 13 hours a day and it hasn’t fade, yet. I found it to easily blend out, as to not have a harsh line.
In natural light

The only downside is that there is a little transfer under the eyes. It’s not much and something I can deal with, in fact I only saw it under my left eye in the upper corner. Other than that, that’s my only complaint with the liner. I do wish other websites and makeup stores carried her products. It would also be great if she had more of line available in the US, perhaps in due time.

What you need to know  There are five other shades available. This eyeliner is sold at $26, and to my knowledge only sold at


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