Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Few Perfumes Story… My Collection

Personally, I think I’ve purchased every perfume I need. I think I have one for every need: one for dates, an evening with the girls or that everyday fragrance. I’ve had most of them for quite a long time and they have yet to smell bad. ** Does the happy dance** I’m drawn to the lighter fragrances the one’s with the soft notes. I have a few powerful ones but I don’t tend to wear them as much. I have the classics like Chanel to one I can’t seem to find anywhere Paul Smith Women.

Most of these if not all of them I purchased myself. I remember when I was younger (teenager) wanting Ralph Lauren … I saved my money just so I could purchase it. Ralph Lauren Romance, I’m on my second bottle. It makes me feel a bit classy when I wear it. Jo Malone, I had heard about it and when I went to London. I walked into a store and I knew I had to have a bottle. While kicking myself that I didn’t purchase one while on vacation Nordstrom started to sell them here (Houston). I purchased Red Rose, although my sister tells me I smell like a little old lady when I wear it.

Perry Ellis, is one of those fragrances I can easily notice when somewhere is wearing it. I remember my aunt wearing PE when I was younger. I remember having a difficult time finding Ralph Lauren Blue when it came out. As soon as I saw it in stock in the store (Macy’s) I bought it! I remember when Kat Von D had perfume out; she released a set and it was a better deal than just buying the one I wanted. I am not a fan of Justin Bieber but his perfume is another story (still something I can’t understand about myself).

The point of this post is not to ‘see what I have’ but to share a few memories. Maybe your like me and each scent or perfume is like a memory of something or somewhere. Sometimes maybe even wanting to go back to that time and place even if it’s just for a moment.


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