Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cute and Danity

There is nothing like jewelry to make this girl happy. It doesn’t have to be real or even gold for that matter; it’s just something new and fun to add to my wardrobe. When it comes to jewelry I’m pretty much all over the place.  I love dainty jewelry because you can always add more. Within the year I’ve started getting into statement necklaces, which are great to bring some attention to an outfit that doesn’t have much going on. Did I ever mention I know beading?  My brain pretty much function’s like… Jewelry > Makeup.

These three finds were purchased very recently, so you may be able to find them. I am really into Kate Spades… everything. Her purses, wallets and jewelry are the cutest things I’ve seen lately.  I purchased my ring at the Houston Outlets. I’ve always wanted the classic bow and for less than $14.00, I couldn’t pass it up!

The crisscross ring and the set of three rings (silver, rose gold & gold) were all purchased at Kohls. Both are from the Lauren Conrad collection at Kohls. She always seems to make the cutest pieces. I’ve worn the crisscross ring just with a watch. The crisscross ring is cute as a staple piece on the hands alone. I love purchasing sets of three rings. I feel that I am getting a better value when I see three rings instead of one, maybe I’m just trying to justifying buying but I’ve convinced myself it’s a deal.

Left to Right: Kate Spade, Kohls Laren Conrad Collection, Kohls Lauren Conrad Collection

If you’ve never been, you need to! Charming Charlie’s has pretty much everything you need in the jewelry department. The quality varies but for the most part they last. I went in looking for a Christmas presents namely a scarf, when I spotted this rose gold bracelet. I couldn’t pass this by. The one thing about Charming Charlie’s is not all of them seem to carry every single item at each location. Not only that but I’ve noticed once it’s gone, it’s pretty much gone. I thought this would be super cuter for a Christmas Party to wear alone or with other ‘arm candy’.  The best thing… I had a coupon, which justifies it right? Right! 

Word of advice: Sign on to Charming Charlie's email list and they'll send you coupons from time to time.  Who doesn't like to save a few dollars.


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