Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spring Cleaning the Closet-Tips

     The idea of cleaning is notorious with spring. The weather is changing and where I live (Houston) it always seems to be hot. It’s time to put away the winter clothes. For me at least twice a year I go though my closet and take out everything I haven’t worn, won’t wear or is out of date. Some people find it hard to go through their closet and remove items they no longer need. Getting rid of things is not only a great way to make space but it also helps to unclutter and make room for new items. Here are a few tips and questions to ask yourself to help you sort out your closet.

Ask yourself…
Is it still wearable?
Will I wear it?
Does it go with anything?
Does it still fit?
In the last month/year…have I worn it?
What’s the likely hood I will wear it?

It may be time to get of it, if you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions.

What to do with the clothes/items (you don’t need)?
Now that you have a stack of clothing or items you want to get rid of here’s what you can do.

Donate them
Sell them at a garage sale
Give them away
Sale them to a consignment store

Hopefully these tips and ideas help you with your spring-cleaning.


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