Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pixel Party Proof Liquid Eyeliner


(Top to Bottom:
Down to Earth Brown & Classic in Black)

      I am not a pro at liquid liner but I’ve always wanted to learn. I figured since I’m no ‘pro’, I’d start learning with a cheaper liner as apposed to a high-end brand.  Also, in the event I don’t like it (I’m a pencil liner girl) I wouldn’t feel bad spending much.  Then there’s the ‘what if I can’t get the handle of it quick (before it dries out)’, I’d rather use a cheaper alternative. So off to Ulta I went, enter Pixel Party Proof Liquid Eyeliner.

            I bought Classic in Black and Down to Earth Brown they have other colors. But I prefer something natural (brown) and who doesn’t need a black liner. The pigmentation of the brown is pretty good. You will have to keep going over areas to get a very dark line. The black has good pigmentation and you don’t have to work with it as much. For whatever reason the color fades in the inner corner of the eyes after awhile.

I found the tip of the pen to be very easy to apply the product. The tip of the pen is very flexible. It gives a very thin line (application), so if you need a think line you will have to keep building it.

            These two colors are descendent liners, especially if you want to learn and experiment with liquid liners. I like the color payoff except for the fading in the inner corners, which can be very annoying. The Down to Earth Brown lasted me all day an over an eight hour period. I found it easy to take off with eye makeup remover.

            Although I loved the color pay off. It is a decent liner but I will not be buying another one.  I can’t get over the fading in the inner corners. At $5.99, it was great for learning but next time I’ll splurge.


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