Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Reds and a Mauve

Revlon, Bordeaux: This is a scented nail polish. I heard good reviews about it but I was still on the fence. The great thing is I bought this when Ulta had there 40% off certain makeup brands, so I didn’t pay too much for this (actually a little over $2.00). When I smelled it‘How over powering can the scent be?’ In fact it’s not. It's not an overwhelming scent which is great (well for me). The color pay off is amazing. The brush could be a little better. You have to hold the round part to control the brush, which can be a bit annoying when applying the product. It's a deep red, prefect fall and winter color.

Butter London, Saucy Jack: This was my first red polish. The color is very pigmented. The staying power last for a couple of days and although it cost quite a bit, for $14 dollars you get what you paid for in this color.

Essie, Head Mistress: It appeared a little orange on camera but it’s a red. This is by far my favorite red. I can wear this color for days. It matches with anything.  Honestly I think this color works with all tone skins, it’s just that amazing.

Julep, Claudette & Veronica: These are just the perfect fall colors. Both polishes remind me of leaves. Just that perfect fall color. Claudette reminds me a bit of a red/strawberry. Veronica is pinky mauve. Both are pretty.

What’ your favorite red or mauve?


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