Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Planning the Trip (Part 2)

Planning the Trip (Part 2)

If there is one thing I know is planning a trip. I’ve experience going to a city and not knowing what to do. Who does that? Well I have however it was part of a planned trip. (See what I did there).  If you’re traveling in a group ask everyone what they want to see. Once everyone has talked about what they want to see and do, it is a bit easier. I relied on Google Maps and a good old fashion map to get me to my destinations when I didn’t have Internet. Somehow I am always appointed as the map-reader (it’s really not that hard) but somehow I’m the one figuring the subway systems and routes (sometimes alternate routes) to get to point A to B.


When you think of travel, you think ‘how much is all this going to cost me?’ Although it will cost you, you can still save some. Passes like City Pass and the Go Pass can help you save some money. I have used both these in different cities and some I re-visited and it works great. Take in consideration where you want to go, one pass may work out better than then the other. If you’re not sure they will really benefit you, visit each website of the attractions you want to see and write down the cost of entry. Check the venue to see if they offer discounts or days where the attractions (mostly museums) are free after a certain time on certain days. This could save you money and/or give you more time somewhere else.


Sometimes there is no way getting around paying for an expensive souvenir. I have never seen a souvenir shop in Houston, other than the museum and the Texas Store at the mall. In instances like this, take in account who you are buying for and what they collect. Set a budget otherwise you’ll buy everything you see, for me that’s my niece.

My aunt gave me a clever idea about water, which was buying water bottles and kept it at the hotel. This helped on our cost of water. Throughout the day we’d fill it up the water bottle at a fountain.  It can be expensive eating out, so we’d bring snacks and granola bars in out suitcase.


      I remember arriving in Los Angeles and booking a car only to find out I couldn’t get it. I had to take a taxi from LAX to Anaheim and it cost me nearly $100! When traveling domestic I usually use Supper Shuttle, although I’d make a back up plan in case. I only say this because I was once waiting for a shuttle while in was in Seattle and they were late. The hotel was able to get my friend and I a town car to the airport, had I waited I would have missed my flight. I was able to get my money back but it was a little difficult.

When it comes to foreign travel I use Trip Advisor, blogs and forums to see what people think of certain businesses. Some times it’s best to use public transportation whether foreign or domestic, it maybe easier and save you a lot of headache. I was able to order a car in London to drive me round-trip to the hotel and airport because Super Shuttle didn’t drop off in that part of London. Thank you forums!

Hope this helped!


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