Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sephora Haul

      So this happened. I tried my best not to buy too much and I think it went pretty well. I technically only bought six items; unfortunately we all know one item alone at Sephora can sometimes cost a pretty good penny.

       I thought it was a good time to stock up on some items, buy a birthday gift and try something new. Since I wanted the Hourglass, 500-point perk, I didn’t feel too bad buying items since it was 4X the points.

      I originally bought the NARS Radiant Creamery Concealer, however due to the dryness under my eyes it looked cakey. Trust me it was not flattering. So when I went to return it, the lady at Sephora asked me about eye cream. I have tried a sample of Bobbie Brown’s, which works. However, I wanted something a little cheaper so she suggested Origins Eye Doctor.   

      Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, an amazing product for oily/sensitive skin for a person like myself. I’ve been wearing this a lot lately and it hasn’t broken me out nor do I find it irritating. Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner, I'm becoming a fan of these. They have a great selection of brown's. 

        First Aid Beauty Face Cleaner, I think I’ve said enough about this. In case you missed it, it’s good. This cleanser is great for sensitive skin. Josie Maran’s 100 Percent Pure Argan Oil, I don’t use this one on my skin, I use it for my hair. OCC Nail Lacquer, I bought this as a gift for my best friend. She is obsessed over nail polish. I thought this polish would be a great gift. I hear their lip products are amazing so I am assuming their polishes can’t be that bad. 


     I cashed in 500-points for the Hourglass set. I can honestly say I wanted this for the primer. If you’re thinking of getting this, don’t bother. I think the idea was great (having Hourglass as a 500-point perk) but as far as the products sizes, I think they could have done a bit better.

                     Lastly I was able to get two cute little Sephora bags with samples, one from a store purchase and the other from an online purchase. I’m such a nice sister; I gave my second bag to her. Not only that the lady at Sephora store was so nice she gave me some lip samples! I’m done spending money at Sephora… this month. 


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