Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Travel Makeup Haul

   Key chains, magnets, T-shirts, stuffed animals and junk food, now that's a vacation! Okay, it's not all what a vacation is but it's part of it. For me it was a great opportunity to purchase items I hear British YouTubers rave about.

         I was also on a mission to find the Sleek palette, which I did but I had to walk into over five Boots to find the ‘au naturel palette’. I’ve heard of MUA but I’ve never seen them in the states or at least where I’m at so when I saw this at Superdrug I had to pick it up.

         Just by chance I saw some polishes at Superdrug. Somehing in my head said to ‘walk over’ and they were Tanya Burr. How did I nearly forget about her line? Seriously how did I forget about those! I picked up two that I know I would wear. I didn’t buy any lip-glosses because honestly I’m not a fan of lip-gloss but I should have bought at least one.

         I’ve heard of Kiko through YouTube, when I saw a Kiko store in Piccadilly Square I had to make a quick (and I mean quick) stop. In less than 10 min I picked up an eyeliner and dual brush.

         Last but not least (although not makeup related), I went to Selfridges & Co. As soon as I walked in I wanted makeup but then I saw this blue scarf and that was it. Sorry makeup.

         I already told myself I’m going back one day to London to do some serious damage aka-shopping spree. I guess I better start saving now, just for the shopping.


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