Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August Ipsy Bag


           Honestly I wasn’t too excited about this months bag. Maybe because there was one product I wasn’t too interested in trying…Perversion mascara by Urban Decay.  I know I should be excited to try this new mascara that everyone is talking about but the truth is I’m not. I’ll give you two reasons: It’s not waterproof and everyone is taking about it!

            Sounds crazy right? I find that when people hype up something I go in expecting a lot but I’m usually saddened by the results. I do however have a friend who is looking for an extremely very black mascara and doesn’t care if it’s waterproof. So that’s where it will go.

            As for the rest of the stuff it’s basically going to my sister. She heard I received a lip balm and she wanted it. I’m such a nice big sis.
            I also received a small Costal Scents blush duo, Dr. Brandt Pores No More and a Lord & Berry, kohl eyeliner. Not too bad but I have enough primers and eyeliners that I don’t need to buy any for a long time. Man, my sister scored!


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