Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tanya Burr, Nail Polish

         My mission was to find Sleek’s Au Naturel Palette. I completely forgot about my other mission: find Tanya Burr’s nail polish. I was in Windsor's, Superdrug when I saw some colorful bottles on a shelf all by themselves. I don’t know what came over me but I decided to go take a look. There they were.

         You can guess what happened next. I spent the next 10 minutes deciding which one to get. The two that won are Mischief Managed and Peaches & Cream. I wanted a polish that I knew I’d wear (realistically) and something that would be great for the upcoming fall as well as summer.

         These polishes are said to be long lasting, chip resistant and a non-fade nail polish (per Superdrugs website). I have to agree. I am in love with these colors!

         Mischief Managed: A red/orange, perfect summer color that reminds me a bit of Christmas. This polish is true to color.

         Peaches & Cream: A great color for year round. It’s a pink/peach nail color, a great neutral color. This polish it more peach than the color inside the bottle.

         The brushes on the polish are nice and long great for application. They're brushes are also not too thin but not thick either. The application of Mischief Managed goes on very pigmented, as does Peaches & Cream. There isn’t a harsh smell either when applying like many cheap polishes.
Left to Right
Mischief Managed and Peaches & Cream
Two coats each nail

          Peaches & Cream does require more than one coat; otherwise you’ll be able to see your nail, so you will have to build it up. It’s a prefect color that matches well with my skin tone. Mischief Managed, you’re able to get by with one coat but looks amazing with two coats.

        I’m not a fan of wearing polishes for a long period of time (the most three days) but after taking a shower and of course having a topcoat, the polish managed to stay on for a good amount of time. It didn’t chip off the next day, impressive.

         I sincerely hope that this polish comes to America and that she creates a larger range of shades. If I ever get to go to London again, I will differently pick up some more shades. I’m differently sold on this polish.


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