Monday, April 20, 2015

April Ipsy Bag

     I haven’t been this exited about an Ipsy bag in a long time. I’ve never tried anything by the Balm nut I’ve always wanted to try something from that line. I received ‘Flirty’ one of their mini nude eyeshadows. I have never heard of Mullein & Sparrow before. The color looks like a grape but I am willing to give it a try, it is a balm after all. Julie G is one of those products that I have developed and ‘love and hate’ relationship with. I love the colors selection but I hate the smell of the polishes. I’m also unable to purchase any of her polishes here in Texas. None of our retailers sell Jesses Girl Cosmetics.

I remember my mom always mentioning Elizabeth Arden. When I was younger I associated to an older persons cosmetics line. I don’t think that way any more but when I was younger I did. I am excited to try this lipstick. Crown Brush, is another hit and miss line for me. I don’t think too highly of their travel sets but as far as individual brushes go I have never had an issue. Let’s talk about the bag! So cute! It seems very durable. I don’t need another makeup bag but I think this is one exception.


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