Saturday, April 18, 2015

Almay Smart Shade Lipbutter

    I am horrible at picking foundations and lipsticks at the drugstore. Seems like an easy task for some but I sometimes managed to pick the worse shades for my complexion. When I heard Almay’s lipsticks were arranged by complexion, I thought ‘that’s a great idea!’ I have bought lipsticks that either wash me out or were too bright for my taste (can I just blame the packaging). There are four ranges to choose from red, berry, pink and nude. They only offer one color from each family but have three complexions to choice from: light, light/medium and medium.

I found it very easy to pick the right shade because most of the work is already done for you. I purchased red and berry in medium. The red worse about three hours, the berry lasted maybe two hours. When applied the berry goes on a bit sheer for me but is a pretty color. The red applied quite the opposite. The lipsticks feel like a balm and are some what moisturizing. I’ve never tried any Almay products before these and I really like them.

On Ulta’s website they retail for $6.99, which isn’t a bad price. I’m debating to pick up the pink shade. Not that I don’t like them but I ask myself; do I need more lipsticks? Now only if I could find my perfect shade in drugstore foundation.


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