Friday, April 3, 2015

That One Oil Based Facial Cleaner

Saying the word ‘oil’ is scary enough but typing it…cue the horror music! However oils can be your friend… sometimes. The oils I’m talking about are oil based facial cleaners. For me some of these oil base cleaners bloggers and YouTubers rave about are just… crap. I use facial wipes because I like them, they don’t irritate my skin, and they work. I’ve tried three oil-based cleaners I’ve heard people rave about and two I can’t jump on the bandwagon with. The last one I tried (and really because I’ve haven’t made it to Target) worked. Boscia Make-up-Breaking Cool Cleaning Oil has changed my mind on oils.

I use a pump and work it into my skin for about a minute. It takes off all my makeup even my waterproof mascara. I’ve use MAC’s and Josie Maran’s make-up oil removal and they just don’t take off all the make-up but with Boscia everything comes off! I don’t even bother using eye make-up remover. I am completely blown away. It does smell like olive oil but it’s not irritating to the skin and I have sensitive skin. Skin woes.

I bought the smaller version at Sephora for $10 to try it out but after what I’ve seen I may bite the bullet and buy the larger one. If you’re looking for a good oil based facial cleaner differently give this a try.


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