Friday, April 24, 2015

Class by Sephora: Perfectly Paired Lips + Cheeks

    If you haven’t heard Sephora is offering makeup classes at select stores. This past weekend I took part in one; it was fun but also a great experience. Playing with makeup is always fun! Not only did I learn a few tips and tricks but I learned I’m not the only one who can’t always find that ‘perfect’ shade of blush or who isn’t too sure where exactly to place it. It was refreshing to know that even the Sephora employees share the same problem. Here’s a run down in case you’re interested.

What is the class about?
The class demonstrates different ways to apply blush from the classical to the fashion look (runway look). They help you find that perfect shade of lipstick and show you how to prep your lips prior to application. They also let you try the techniques they teach you like the best way to apply blush.

Do I need to bring my own makeup?
No. An instructor (Sephora employee) will help pick out shades that compliment you. If you feel like you can’t find the perfect red, nude or pink, they can help! They will give you quite a few to choose from as well as blushes.

Do I need to bring my own brushes?
No. They will provide brushes for you. No, you can’t take them home.

How much is the class?
It’s free!

Where do I sign up?
Go to the Sephora website and scroll to the bottom. Click ‘Store Locations, Events & Classes’.

Are you obligated to buy anything?
Per the instructor at the location I went to ‘no’. It’s a free class.

What days are the classes?
Check your local Sephora for dates and times. Some locations differ from others. Some I noticed had classes after five; others were on the weekend prior to opening or after closing. Other locations didn’t offer classes or as many classes.

My overall experience
My class was prior to opening. When I walked they took the Color IQ and matched my shade of lipstick with my complexion. They did ask my about the colors I prefer and also if there was anything I wanted to try. I am currently more of a berry person but I also tried other colors on me like nudes and reds. In the class everyone (including the employees) shared what out hang-ups were. I was surprised on how many employees didn’t wear blush or stay away from colors because they are still unsure. I like that they were honest with us (at least that’s what they said).

They demonstrated how to prep to the lips to application on model (employee). Then it was our turn. After lips it was on to blush. Again they demonstrated how to apply blush and what brush is best for application. Once they were done, again it was our turn. We were free to take notes and take pictures and yes, I forgot my camera and my phone! They gave each of us a sheet of tips and encouraged us to take notes. Let’s just say I have a whole new list of products I want.

Yup, I signed up for three more classes.


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