Wednesday, May 13, 2015

First Aid Beauty’s Mattifying Gel

     When I saw that First Aid Beauty had a mattifying gel I had to try it. I’m already a huge fan of the First Aid Beauty range and to see something that targeted us oily peeps only made me want to buy it. So I skipped testing it out and dove right in and bought it during the Sephora VIB sale.

What it’s supposed to do  it states it hydrates and removes excess oils. Helps minimize the appearance of pores.

Here’s how I used it
I’ve been using it everyday sometimes opting out using a primer. On the weekdays I put it over my moisturizer (which has an SPF); I use less than a pea size amount for certain areas on my face. A little of this product goes a long way. I learned that using too much of this can make my foundation cakey. I’ve tried it with my NARS Sheer Glow and Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide. With both foundations I can tell a difference. I’m not as oily as I normally would be. Yes, I still get a bit oily but I place the gel only around my noise, the area between my noise and chin and it’s helped combating most of my oil.

On the weekend I put away my moisturizer and put on the sunscreen. After sunscreen I use a little less than a pea size amount all over my face. I use Laura Mercier’s Mineral Powder, which has a SPF of 15 on top of it. It works well together; in fact I don’t see a cakey face.

Why I like it… It’s not only helps with my oily skin but it doesn’t irate me. It goes on clear and doesn’t have a strong scent in fact it’s really not noticeable. It may not take away all my oil but it does take a lot of it away to where I noticed a difference. I don’t blot as many times during the day as I normally do.

Here’s the con’s… It’s not something I would use all over the face and differently not under the eyes. Using too much of this product separated my foundation and it looked cakey. It does take a bit to dry but otherwise it’s a good product.

Here’s what you need to know… It’s quite pricey at $30 at Sephora. However, a little of this product goes a long way so it will last you awhile.


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