Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mini-Sephora Haul

     A little over a month ago I made VIB at Sephora. With that was a perk of a discount code for 10% off my entire purchase. It’s not much but it’s better than nothing and I’m grateful for the nice perk. I really didn’t need anything since I did my big purchases during the VIB sale in April. So I decided to purchase some travel items I thought I might need in the future or in August when I head to St. Paul/Minneapolis.  

    I love a good brush set or in this case a mini set. The Sephora Collection has this set of five brushes that was regular $22 down to $11.  The brushes are a lot shorter than I expected, it’s not something I would pay $22 dollars for. I had to pick up a Sephora container in the event I wanted to bring some sort of lotion or bath salts. I think these 1.75 oz refillable bottles are ideal for things like shampoo, conditioner or even facial wash. They’re also cute! Speaking of facial wash, I had to pick up First Aid Beauty’s Facial Wash. It’s perfect for sensitive skin. It is expensive for a 10 oz tube of facial wash for $10 but a little of this goes a long way.


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