Monday, June 29, 2015

My Half a Year Favorites

     It’s pretty unreal to think we’re six months into the year; we’re halfway though the year! I’m not a person who can do a monthly favorites blog because I pretty much use the same things over and over. I thought making a half-year post would perfect. It gives me time to try things properly and say how I truly feel about something.  So here are a few things I’m loving so far.

I have the shade medium/neutral, which I’ve been using to cover up blemishes. I love this because it last all day long. I use a beauty blender to blend it out over my foundation and it blends right in.

I have oily skin and I am already a huge fan of First Aid Beauty (FAB). So of course when I heard about this I wanted to try it. I find when using the product my skin isn’t as oily as it normally is. My skin does get oily and I still have to blot, but I don’t have to blot as much.

This has quickly become my ‘holy grail’ of makeup removers. I use half to one pump of this and work it in for maybe 30 seconds to a min into the skin. It takes off all my makeup including waterproof mascara. It is expensive but a little of this goes a long way. It’s also great for travel to take off makeup because the last thing you want to do is carry multiple things to remove your makeup.

This was somewhat an impulse buy. I had heard a lot about these brushes and I wanted a brush that I know I’d use. I was in Ulta one day and thought… why not. This is good at blending in the crease. I use this to blend eye shadow when I’m only wearing one shade on the lid, as to not look to harsh. The brush is soft on the lid and has the hairs have no came out when I wash it. It’s pretty durable and for the price $14, its not bad.

I did a post on this a while back but I have really been using these lipsticks? I’m not sure if they’re lipsticks or if they’re classified as lip butters. I have dry lips and these are great because they’re hydrating to the lips. They also have great pigmentation. What’s great about the lipbutters is that Almay has four shades for three different complexions, which makes it easy to find the right shade.


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