Tuesday, May 17, 2016

3 Items Worth the Splurge

       For whatever reason we feel the need to spend large amounts of money on the latest makeup primer, eye shadow or whatever. For me there are three items that are worth the splurge: brushes, foundation and skin care. In my opinion these three are worth the investment.

You can have the worse eye shadow, foundation or blush but without the right brush it’s not going to blend out. I think of brushes as an investment piece that can last you for years. Many of my brushes have lasted me over five years because I properly take care of them. I know spending a lot on a brush seems insane but if it’s going to last me years than it’s worth the investment.

Nothing is worse than buying foundation that doesn’t last. I’ve tried everything from drugstore to high end and although I’m on a continuous search for the ‘perfect’ foundation (that doesn’t exist) I don’t mind paying a little more. It’s the worst feeling when you spend money on a foundation and it doesn’t even last the entire workday. I am not saying that high-end foundation is the only solution to perfect skin. I’m saying if the foundation you use cost over $50 and works for you, go right on for it.

I feel I spend serious money when it comes to my skin. My face is the only one that I will ever have so it’s important to me that I take care of it. It’s the first thing people see when they look at you… most of the time. I like trying different brands and reading reviews on products. I find what works for me and I pretty much stick to it. I don’t mind heading to the dermatologist if I know it’s going to help.


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