Sunday, May 1, 2016

10 Things to Do on a Sunday

      When Sunday comes I try to enjoy it as much as possible because I know the next day I’m headed back to work. For me Sunday’s can be routine, which is fine, but sometimes I like to do things out of the ordinary. A majority of the time it’s the day I get to hang out with my brother. Since I don’t see him much it’s our time to catch up with life’s events, try new food and play his personal shopper.

Try new restaurants/food

Go for a bike ride

Go for a walk by yourself or with a friend

Try a new coffee shop

Finish what you’ve put off (i.e. project)

Visit/call your family member/friend (the one you’ve been meaning to contact)

Go to the movies

Visit a museum

Organize/clean up…aka the closet

Go outside and enjoy the day


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