Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dealing with Rosacea (My Personal Routine)

     I was on vacation when my skin started to irate me. I thought I had somehow gotten ahold of poison ivy or maybe it was eczema (my brother has it) because it was itching like crazy. When I got home I started to put cortisone; it was so bad my face looked like a tomato. I did my best to resist from inching because I knew that whatever it was it couldn’t be good to itch (ever had chicken pox?). When I finally went to the dermatologist she informed it was Rosacea and by putting cortisone actually made it worse. I had to learn a whole new skin routine. I quit using Olay products and started using sunscreen. Olay products started to irate my skin. Fast-forward to today; I’ve learned to incorporate moisturizer back in my routine as well as certain products. My skin has been doing great, until this month. However I know how to handle it.

First and foremost, I use medication (a gel) to help from itching. Second, I use sunscreen. The sun is my enemy. The doctor described it to me like this; the sun hits your face and it breaks the capillaries in your skin. Over time they may burst and will leave you permanently scarred, unless I decide to have surgery to fix my skin. She also told me Rosacea could also develop on your body. That thought freaks me out! So when my face or body starts to itch (which is probably in my mind), I make sure I have sunscreen on. I put away moisturizer as well as anything that has a scent; sunscreen is my best friend during the really rough times. I wash my face with a gentle soap, as well as my body.

My doctor recommended some products (for the life of me I can’t remember their names) but they were very pricey. So she suggested some alternative products I could use. Everyone’s skin is different but these are what work for me and are affordable.

Sunscreen: My doctor recommended me Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 45… it works. It’s not a heavy sunscreen and feels light on the skin. It’s not odorless but the scent is not strong or overwhelming. I was able to find a two pack of sunscreen for less than $13 at Ulta. It can cause the skin to dry but it’s better than me itching every few minutes.

Facial Wash:
Cetaphil Normal to Oily Skin Facial Wash, is hands down the gentlest facial wash I have ever tried. I use this every morning and night (after using my facial wipes to remove makeup.

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser, This is my runner up when it comes to facial wash. This works really well with sensitive skin and designed for sensitive skin.

Facial Wipes:
I learned that just because it says for ‘sensitive skin’ doesn’t mean my skin can take it. I learned what ingredients aren’t good for me. For me Simple’s Facial Wipes aren’t great. Olay, not even. Ponds (in the blue package) work. It takes off a majority of makeup.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with Sunscreen with SPF 15, is the only moisturizer I use. When products like facial wash and medicine being applied, my face gets dry. My doctor told me initially not to moisturizer until I learned a new facial routine. This one by Cetaphil works great. It doesn’t irate my skin.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, just helps bring moisture back into my skin when it gets dry. I’ve spoken a lot about this product. It’s good!

Sticking with unscented, Dove Unscented soap (bar) works really well. On a side note: my brother who suffers from eczema also uses this. It’s the only soap we use. His doctor recommended this to him and I followed. It doesn’t cause my skin to itch and that’s what I need.

Nearly every product I mentioned is made for sensitive skin but works. I mentioned that just because it states it’s for sensitive skin doesn’t mean it will work (well at least for me). Burt Bees Sensitive Skin Facial Wash actually burned my skin a bit. Simple facial wipes stung my face. Olay products also gave my skin a reaction. Everyone is different and a lot of it is finding what works with you, basically trial and error. Once you find that routine you’ll be happy and so will your skin.


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