Monday, January 5, 2015

Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide

     When I heard about the new foundation I waited a bit to try it. I can honestly say I’m not a complete fan of hers. Last year I bought the palette they sold during Christmas, only to take it back days later. The eye shadows were chalky and some had very little pigment.  I’ve tried her tinted moisturizer and it just made my face even oilier. Ironically I was running out of my foundation when this foundation came out. I have no idea what made me even think about trying it but I did. I can’t say I’ve become a fan of hers, because I’ve had bad experiences but what I can say is that this foundation is the only exception.

     This foundation is very light weight on the face. It feels very natural on the skin that I have forgotten to take it off, basically till I hit the shower at night. It’s a very light to medium coverage foundation so it is buildable. I’ve used this with a Beauty Blender and my Sephora Airbrush Precision Foundation #56, both worked well with this brush. It doesn’t make my skin breakout, nor does it make my skin any oiler. If you have oily skin I would recommend this. Because I have oily skin it lasted nine to ten hours, except for around my nose where I tend to be oiler. I have left this foundation on for over ten hours and noticed it did seems to separate, so for me it won’t last all day but I really don’t need it to.

     The only downside to this product is the packaging. I am not one to really complain or even admire packing because it’s all about the product (for me). But this one is quite different, in the sense that when you finish applying, the area around the tube can get foundation all over it and can be a bit messy. I make sure I have this product upside down even when I shake it only because when I dispense it, it can get all over the place. I feel that you are losing product when you dispense. A good foundation isn’t cheap and this foundation runs for $48 for 1 oz.  I’d prefer not to waste as much product as possible. I think if they had this product with a pump, it would be so much better. Despite, the packaging of this foundation the product itself is really good and worth it. There is no doubt I would by this again.

What foundations do you want to try?


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