Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Favorites of L’Occitane

     There are just certain products from brands that I always buy like Maybelline’s mascara’s, Clinique’s eyeliner and Makeup Forever lipsticks. When it comes to lotions, it’s L’Occitane for me. The regular Shea butter lotions are amazing! Not only are they nourishing to the skin but also they don’t have a strong odor. It’s like butter for the hands. They are pricier than other lotions and I’m sure I could find a dupe but sometimes a person needs to treat him or herself. I buy L’Occitane because their products feel great on my skin. The lotions help make my hands/skin feel soft. L’Occitane’s Milk Extra- Gentle Soap not only feels like a spa but it doesn’t irate my skin as do their other Shea products. I love the way it lathers the scent is relaxing. I am not a person who is a fan of fruity or anything that has a strong scent, so this works perfectly for me.

Do you have a favorite from this brand?


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